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Smart software designed to grow your direct bank, attract talent and retain loyal locums.

The workforce partner supporting your needs.

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Rostering your workforce is simpler than ever

View multi-site vacancies and resource requirements with ease.

Switch between different rota views for all staff groups.

Avoid duplicate and double bookings with smart system prompts.

Action cancellations and site swaps with quick navigation tools.

Assign rules to search and book with machine learning.

Roster your entire workforce needs in one simple solution.
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Revolutionise the way you manage your organisation's staffing needs

Let's focus on growing your direct bank

Search thousands of locums ready to work for you.

Build valuable relationships to grow your direct locum bank.

Bring your external agencies and locums into your account.

Reduce your agency usage and spend to boost revenue.

Monitor locum usage and impose restrictions where necessary.

Foster a positive booking experience for all locum staff.
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It's time to automate compliance and payments

Set organisation-specific compliance for staff to adhere to.

Store documents in the secure cloud or download internally.

Free-up admin resource to focus on important objectives.

Fast-track payments with auto-invoice creation and dispute.

Leverage intelligence-led invoice processing with our digital accounts payable.

Enhance financial insight with end-to-end invoice management.
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Supporting countless
healthcare organisations

Introducing our industry-agnostic versatile SaaS solution, that revolutionises your workforce capabilities.

Say NO
to 'one-size-fits-all' products.
Say YES to an 'all-in-one tailored' solution.
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Treating Workforce Problems.
Administering doses of success for pharmacy teams.


Framing Practice Efficiency.
Providing your optical staff with clear vision.


Maximising Chair Time.
Ensuring your team focus on delivering smiles.


Caring Made Convenient.
Focusing the attention on your furry friends.

Social Care

Fostering Compassion.
Supporting the meaningful impact you deliver to patients.

Private Medical

Empowering Private Care.
Facilitating the exceptional care your patients expect.

Cutting edge software to solve your
competing business demands

A simple, flexible and hassle-free implementation

Our feature rich solutions unburden your team and workforce, to accelerate your organisations growth.

Plug-and-play, get started today.
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