Time & Attendance Solutions

Worksys HR

A data-centric solution that seamlessly integrates with your existing systems and empowers your workforce.

Insightful data to optimise your employees.

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Schedule your employee rotas and meet quotas

Create and manage shifts efficiently through data-driven insights.

Allocate employees to pre-determined and newly created shifts.

Handle cancellations, absences, and return to work with ease.

Action site swaps using the drag and drop features.

Mitigate conflicts and handle shift assignments with smart tools.

Ensure optimal coverage for all areas of the business.
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An all-in-one HR solution
that boosts productivity

Time to say goodbye to manual processes

Simplify employee onboarding, right to work and PAYE enrolment.

Monitor employee records, annual leave and time-off requests.

Maintain privacy with secure comms channels for staff dialogues.

Comply with all GDPR directives and mitigate data breaches.

Assess punctuality and attendance patterns for all staff groups.

Evaluate performance via your real-time, data-centric dashboard.
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Set goals and nurture your employees' development

Manage employee training needs in a single training matrix.

Enhance visibility of employee skills to allocate tasks accordingly.

Track progress and measure productivity for all staff groups.

Spot trends and make informed decisions for career development.

Access real-time reports on employee training and completions.

Delegate employee compliance tasks to members of your team.
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Elevating multi-industry staff experiences

Introducing our industry-agnostic versatile SaaS solution, that revolutionises your workforce capabilities.

Say NO
to 'one-size-fits-all' products.
Say YES to an 'all-in-one tailored' solution.
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Treating Workforce Problems.
Administering doses of success for pharmacy teams.


Framing Practice Efficiency.
Providing your optical staff with clear vision.


Maximising Chair Time.
Ensuring your team focus on delivering smiles.


Caring Made Convenient.
Focusing the attention on your furry friends.

Social Care

Fostering Compassion.
Supporting the meaningful impact you deliver to patients.

Private Medical

Empowering Private Care.
Facilitating the exceptional care your patients expect.

Delivering unified and efficient workflows for your administrative team

A smooth integration into your existing systems

Drive long-term success with a company culture your employees can be proud of.

Trusted by leading global healthcare providers.
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